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Upcoming trips for 2024

o  June 3-10 : Ecuador

o  July 7-14 : Location to be determined soon

o  August 5-11 : Extreme Trip

Countries Happy Feet Has Visited

Ecuador     The Ukraine     Romania     Honduras     Peru

Bolivia     Costa Rica     Argentina     Guatemala

Frequently Asked Questions


How much does a typical trip cost?

$2,400 - 2,600, depending on the location and time of the year


Do I need any training to go?

Yes, after the team is formed, we will meet a few times to get all logistics worked out.


Any age restrictions?

Age 12 and older and anyone under 17 must have a parent with them.


What are the sizes of the teams?

12-25 people  18-20 is the perfect size.


Are there vaccinations/shots to get?

Only in a very few countries.


Do I need a passport/Visa?

Yes. We will cover all the info. about passports/Visas in the training meetings. There are many other good questions that we will answer in the meetings.

Frequently Asked Questions
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