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Personal Testimony

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Two team members share reflections on the work.


Testimony #1 (Scott Williamson)


A Happy Feet Extreme Team just returned from a week in northeastern Costa Rica, where we were able to share the Gospel in several villages. The team was made up of guys from all over Texas and a few Alabama guys sprinkled in to give the team some diversity. The team shared the gospel with kids and parents alike, seeing hundreds confess Christ as Lord of their life!

This part of Costa Rica is very remote, and is about a five-hour car and boat ride from the capital city of San Jose. The weather during this time of the year is pretty rainy, and we certainly got our share of rain while we were there. The Lord did take care of us, in that the weather cooperated so we didn’t have any major problems while traveling or doing “ Happy Feet”. We camped on the property of one of the missionaries that we were serving with, Juan Carlos Sanchez. He was a gracious host, and the local church took great care of us!

We were able to do “Happy Feet” in the village school, near where we camped, and witnessed to families that have differing beliefs from Christianity. We saw many come to Christ, through the truth of God’s word, and I am sure that more will come to Christ through the seeds that were scattered there.

We went to other villages along the “Rio de Colorado”, or Colorado River, by using local fishermen’s boats. The “Happy Feet Fishermen” were able to visit these villages and share the gospel with the kids and adults there. While we were in Barra norte de Colorado, the village across the river from where we camped, I witnessed an amazing example of the Holy Spirit working. A group of about twenty local fishermen were working on their nets and sitting around talking when we finished doing “Happy Feet”, and a few of the guys went over to talk to them. The topic of why we were there came up and the Gospel was shared with them through the salvation bracelets. Several of the group prayed, accepting Christ into their heart, and afterward the whole group was challenged to be leaders in their community. They were told that all of the children and young people in the village were watching them for an example of how to live and behave, and that we as the men of our communities, we share that same responsibility. It reminded me of how the Gospel may have been spread by the first century church.

I had a great trip and am always amazed at how simple, but successful this ministry is, and how the people who go on a Happy Feet trip are always changed and strengthened from witnessing the Lord at work.
Scott Williamson


Testimony #2 (Tim Parker)

This was my first mission trip with Happy Feet, and it was incredible. I was not sure what to expect from an “extreme” mission trip, but I was invigorated by the mission focused group of men on this trip. We travelled into four different communities in Costa Rica to serve them as our faith expects us to. The faces of the kids as they received our gifts, physical as well as spiritual, will forever be remembered. We also had the opportunity to engage the parents and the surrounding community about the purpose of our mission, and God’s love for them. The reception was always welcoming. My primary role as a translator was extremely rewarding, as I had the ability to carry on conversations with the kids and people of the community through these men. Not only were these conversations encouraging to the kids, they were also encouraging to me. One of the many highlights of the trip was the pick-up baseball game we had with the men in the town of Barro de Colorado Sur. The game closed with a prayer that challenged the men to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, and to be positive role models in their communities. I encourage everyone to be a part of mission trip, and Happy Feet is a great place to start.

In Christ,
Tim Parker

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