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Personal Testimony

CV: Welcome

November 2012

One team member shares reflections on the work.


By Greg Alford


Wow! I was blessed to be a part of another extreme team this past week to a number of very remote villages deep in the Andes Mountains. Our team camped at approximately 13,000 feet and we went out from there each day, washing feet and telling people about Jesus. What an incredible people the Quitchiwa People are. They are so hungry to hear the truth about Jesus. From the remote villages deep into the Andes to the streets of Pallatanga, we witnessed about Jesus' love for the people. We were blessed to witness almost 800 pray to receive Christ as their Lord in one week!


If you desire to go places that you can't purchase as a vacation, I strongly suggest going on a mission trip with Bill Conlee and Happy Feet Missions. It's amazing to see how our teammates came out of their shells and were/are so bold for Jesus. This will obviously spill over into our USA lives too!

I can't wait until the next trip.

Greg Alford

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